find combination pairs of attribute variables


I looked around for a solution but could not find an exact one.


a<-c('a','b','c') b<-c('d','e','f') d<-c('g','h')

as a toy subset of a much larger set, I want to be able to find unique pairs between attribute (vector) sets. If I use


It would return ALL pairwise combinations of all of the attribute elements. e.g.


returns c(a,b) c(a,d) c(a,d) c(a,e)...

But I only want pairs of elements between attributes. So I would not see a,b or a,c but a,d a,e a,f b,d b,e,b,f etc...

I could sort of do it with expand.grid(a,b,d)..

Var1 Var2 Var3 1 a d g 2 b d g 3 c d g 4 a e g 5 b e g 6 c e g 7 a f g 8 b f g 9 c f g 10 a d h 11 b d h 12 c d h 13 a e h 14 b e h 15 c e h 16 a f h 17 b f h 18 c f h

but now I have an n-col dimensional set of the combinations. Is there any way to limit it to just attribute pairs of elements, such as combn(x,2)

The main goal is to find a list of unique pairwise combinations of elements between all attribute pairs, but I do not want combinations of elements within the same attribute column, as it is redundant in my application.


Taking combinations of pairs in each row in the grid, then filtering to get unique entries, we have this:

unique(do.call(c, apply(expand.grid(a,b,d), 1, combn, m=2, simplify=FALSE)))

A list of combinations is returned:

> L <- unique(do.call(c, apply(expand.grid(a,b,d), 1, combn, m=2, simplify=FALSE)))[1:5] > length(L) ## 21 > L ## [[1]] ## Var1 Var2 ## "a" "d" ## ## [[2]] ## Var1 Var3 ## "a" "g" ## ## [[3]] ## Var2 Var3 ## "d" "g" ## ## [[4]] ## Var1 Var2 ## "b" "d" ## ## [[5]] ## Var1 Var3 ## "b" "g"


First, create a list where each element is a pair of your original vectors, e.g. list(a, b):

L <- list(a, b, d) L.pairs <- combn(seq_along(L), 2, simplify = FALSE, FUN = function(i)L[i])

Then run expand.grid for each of these pairs and put the pieces together:

do.call(rbind, lapply(L.pairs, expand.grid)) # Var1 Var2 # 1 a d # 2 b d # 3 c d # [...] # 19 d h # 20 e h # 21 f h


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