How do I set default props for a component wrapped in a Raley container?


I have a component wrapped in a Relay container:

const Widget = (props) => { return ( <div> { props.foo.bar } </div> ) } Widget.defaultProps = { foo: {bar: 0} } export default Relay.createContainer(Widget, { fragments: { store: () => Relay.QL` fragment on WidgetData { foo { bar } } ` } })

I'm using a GraphQL-as-a-service provider for a backend, and when the foo property of WidgetData isn't present, it returns null, which throws when my component attempts to render props.null.bar

As far as I know, defaultProps only works when the prop is undefined, not when it's null.

How can I protect against null results with defaultProps in this case?

Hoping to avoid writing a guard statement for each prop I reference, if possible.


You can do a sanity check for props from Relay container.

render() { let { foo, ...other } = this.props; let bar = foo ? foo.bar : ''; return ( <div> { bar } </div> ) }

For more info, checkout: <a href="https://github.com/bfwg/relay-gallery" rel="nofollow">https://github.com/bfwg/relay-gallery</a>


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