How to get relevant data say only the “Underlying Price” from the get_history function without the d


I have posted here part of the code. I want to get, say only the "Strike Price" information from nifty_opn but what I am getting here is that the strike_price information contains the date as well, something like this:

2014-12-01 2100

How to do it?

nifty_opn = get_history(symbol="NIFTY", start=sdate, end=sdate, index=True, option_type='CE', strike_price=int(numpy.round(nifty_price.get('Close'),-2)), expiry_date=expiry) symbol=nifty_opn.get('Symbol') date=nifty_price.get('Date') close=nifty_price.get('Close') expiry=nifty_opn.get('Expiry') strike_price=nifty_opn.get('Strike Price') settle_price=nifty_opn.get('Settle Price') contracts_no=nifty_opn.get('Number of Contracts') data=[symbol,date,close,expiry,strike_price,settle_price,contracts_no]


To remove axes label from dataframe use "values". Try below code:

nifty_opn['Strike Price'].values

This will returns the series as ndarray


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