jqGrid typeerror jquery


I'm getting really strange error with jqGrid regarding a TypeError. I've used the grid on many other sites but for whatever reason can't it to work on my latest one.

I put in the loadError handler and I get "TypeError: a is null" and Firebug tells me the error is in jquery itself. I've multiple version of both the grid and jQuery -- same result. I made sure my code matched what was on the demoes. Still nothing. Firebug shows the json request went through.

Here's my JSON (it's one row for now):

{"total":6960,"page":1,"records":6960,"rows":[{"id":1000000477,"cell":["some title","brain","7\/15\/2010 at 8:33 AM","sometest",5,277]}]}

Here's my grid set up:

$('#threads').jqGrid({ url: '/pxr/getthreads', dataType: 'json', colNames:['Thread / Started By','Last Post','Replies','Views'], colModel:[{name:'title',index:'title',width:330,sortable:false}, {name:'lastpost',index:'lastpost', width:130,sortable:false}, {name:'replies',index:'replycount', width:60, align:"left",sortable:false}, {name:'views',index:'views', width:60, align:"center",sortable:false}], rowNum:1, autowidth:true, pager: $('div#threadsPager'), hidegrid:false, scrollOffset:0, height: 600, altRows:false, sortname: 'lastpost', viewrecords: true, emptyrecords: "No Threads Found", sortorder: 'asc', pginput:true, loadError: function(xhr,status,error){ console.log(error); }, caption:"" });

I'm using jQuery 1.4.4 and jqGrid 3.8. My server page renders valid json.


<table id="threads"></table><div id="threadsPager"></div>

Any ideas?


The error in your code very easy, but can be difficult be seen: you should change dataType: 'json' to datatype: 'json'. After the change the data can be loaded: see <a href="http://www.ok-soft-gmbh.com/jqGrid/HapiDjus.htm" rel="nofollow">here</a>.


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