angular Uncaught ReferenceError: Service is not defined


I have the following component in which I am trying to inject a service:

angular. module('phoneList'). component('phoneList', { templateUrl: '/static/common/angular/phone-list/phone-list.template.html', controller: ['$http', 'authenticationService', function PhoneListController($http, authenticationService) { var self = this; authenticationService.authenticate().then(function(){ console.log('it worked!!!!!!!!'); }); } ] });

The service looks like this:

angular.module('authentication').factory('authenticationService', function($http, $se){ function authenticate(){ $http.post('/o/token/', data, config) .success(function (data, status, headers, config) { console.log('auth service: '+data['access_token']); $sessionStorage.access_token = data['access_token']; }); } function getToken(){ return $sessionStorage.access_token; } return { authenticate:authenticate, getToken:getToken }; });

My phone-list.module.js looks like this:

angular.module('phonecatApp', [ 'phoneList', 'authentication', ]); angular.module('phoneList', ['authentication']);

When I run this i get the error:


Uncaught ReferenceError: authenticationService is not defined


When I put 'authenticationService' in '', I get the error:


Error [$injector:unpr] authtenticationService



It seems the service isn't properly injected into the PhoneListController.

Change it to:

controller: ['$http', 'authenticationService', function PhoneListController($http, authenticationService) { ...

The strings in the array are just to keep the injected dependency references minification safe. The service still needs to be added as a function argument.

Also be sure to call angular.module <em>once</em> for each component:


angular.module('phonecatApp', [ 'ngRoute', 'phoneList', 'authentication', ]);


angular.module('phoneList', ['authentication']);


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