How to load data to Hive table and make it also accessible in Impala


I have a table in Hive:

CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE sr2015( creation_date STRING, status STRING, first_3_chars_of_postal_code STRING, intersection_street_1 STRING, intersection_street_2 STRING, ward STRING, service_request_type STRING, division STRING, section STRING ) ROW FORMAT SERDE 'org.apache.hadoop.hive.serde2.OpenCSVSerde' WITH SERDEPROPERTIES ( 'colelction.delim'='\u0002', 'field.delim'=',', 'mapkey.delim'='\u0003', 'serialization.format'=',', 'skip.header.line.count'='1', 'quoteChar'= "\"")

The table is loaded data this way:

LOAD DATA INPATH "hdfs:///user/rxie/SR2015.csv" INTO TABLE sr2015;

Why the table is only accessible in Hive? when I attempt to access it in HUE/Impala Editor I got the following error:


AnalysisException: Could not resolve table reference: 'sr2015'


which seems saying there is no such a table, but the table does show up in the left panel.

In Impala-shell, error is different as below:


ERROR: AnalysisException: Failed to load metadata for table: 'sr2015' CAUSED BY: TableLoadingException: Failed to load metadata for table: sr2015 CAUSED BY: InvalidStorageDescriptorException: Impala does not support tables of this type. REASON: SerDe library 'org.apache.hadoop.hive.serde2.OpenCSVSerde' is not supported.


I have always been thinking Hive table and Impala table are essentially the same and difference is Impala is a more efficient query engine.

Can anyone help sort it out? Thank you very much.


Assuming that sr2015 is located in DB called db, in order to make the table visible in Impala, you need to either issue


invalidate metadata db;




invalidate metadata db.sr2015;


in Impala shell

However in your case, the reason is probably the version of Impala you're using, since it doesn't support the table format altogether


Unfortunately, Impala <a href="https://www.cloudera.com/documentation/enterprise/latest/topics/impala_faq.html#faq_features__faq_unsupported" rel="nofollow">doesn't support</a> custom Hive Serializer/Deserializer classes (SerDes). It can only work with a limited set of file formats supported by its built-in SerDes.

Seems like this leaves you with the only option -- to CREATE another table (in Hive or Impala) using standard file format, and copy the data over from your Hive-only table sr2015.


INSERT INTO unquoted SELECT * FROM sr2015;

FWIW regarding your original issue (that Impala couldn't handle quotes in CSV file) there is a stagnant <a href="https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/IMPALA-2148" rel="nofollow">Impala JIRA</a> which didn't get any traction for the last 3 years :(


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