How to update column in one table from another if both tables have a text field in common


I have two tables Token and distinctToken. Following is the description of the two tables.

<strong>Token</strong> (id int, text varchar(100), utokenid int)

<strong>distinctToken</strong> (id int, text varchar(100))

The text field in both tables have same data with one exception, that is text field in Token table contains repeated entries.

I wanted to update the Token table such that the utokenid it becomes a foreign key. To be more specific i want to set the value of <strong>Token.utokenid = distinctToken.id</strong> where <strong>Token.text is the same as distinctToken.text</strong>. Is it possible using update or should i write a stored procedure to do so.


UPDATE Token t, distinctToken dt SET t.utokenid = dt.id WHERE t.text = dt.text;

Am I missing something?


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