pointer to strings


The following two code snippets compiles without any errors/warnings but while running it crashes. Kindly enlighten me.

Program 1

int main( ) { char *p= "Hello" ; *p = 'B' ; printf("\n%s",p); return 0; }

Program 2

int main( ) { char *p= "Hello" ; Char *q="mug" *q = *p ; printf("\n%s",q); return 0; }

For program 2 i expected output to be 'Hug'.


When you do:

char *p= "Hello";

You are defining a string literal. String literals are constant data and as you've found out, modifying them results in undefined behavior (often a crash). It should be declared as:

const char *p = "Hello";

So the compiler will throw an error if you try to modify it.

Now if you define it instead as:

char p[] = "Hello";

The memory is then allocated on the stack and you can modify it.

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { char p[] = "Hello" ; *p = 'B' ; printf("\n%s",p); return 0; }

Outputs Bello

For program 2, note only q needs to be on the stack. p can remain a const pointer to a string literal, since you're only reading from it.

int main( ) { const char *p = "Hello" ; char q[] = "mug"; *q = *p ; printf("\n%s",q); return 0; }

Outputs Hug


In both samples you are modifying string literals, which yields undefined behavior.


When you create a static string in the form of char *p = "test" the contents of the pointer cannot be changed. In your case trying to modify the contents of the pointer yields to the error that you are observing.


I changed program 2 to not use string literals. It shows "Hug" as you expected.

#include <string.h> #include <stdio.h> int main( ) { char p[10]; char q[10]; strcpy(p,"Hello"); strcpy(q,"mug"); *q = *p ; printf("\n%s",q); return 0; }


What you should write is:

char p[] = "Hello";

The form above (char p [] = "Hello") tells the compiler, "I've got an array of values coming up, please allocate as much space as is needed for them." It also works with ints, for example:

int i [] = { 1, 2, 5, 100, 50000 };

You'll end up with i being a pointer to an array of 5 values.


The strings "Hello" and "mug" are stored in read-only memory and you are trying to write there.

$ gcc -S a.c $ cat a.s .file "a.c" .section .rodata .LC0: .string "Hello" .LC1:

Note that the section is "rodata" (read-only data).


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