CakePHP - Model behaviours with variables


I want two of my models to inherit a property and a couple of methods. I know I could put the methods in a behaviour but I'm not sure about the property. Can a behaviour have variables that are inherited by the model?

Or should I just create another model that extends AppModel, and have the two models extend that one?


As long as both methods and variables are made public you can put your code into a behavior.

In general I would go for a behavior, I guess. You could then create some defaults in it and override them later from the Models if necessary. Another benefit is that you keep your code clean: callbacks (beforeSave, etc.) are ran by the models having the behavior attached and do not clutter your model code like a parent model would (you would need e.g. a parent::beforeSave() when you add callbacks to your models and still want the callbacks to run from the parent model class.

If you provide more information, maybe we can give you a more specific answer.


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