using JParameter in Joomla


I'm thinking of using JParams to store the last visited date of a certain page in a Joomla 1.7.1 site. So in the code I'm doing something like:

$last_run = $params->get('last_visit', '2000-01-01'); // set last_run to current run time $params->set('last_visit', $now);

The problem is obviously that the newly set value for last_visit doesn't get stored, though it does get set.

Is there some way to store the params, without going through a DB query? Thanks


Here's an example solution of your problem, but bare in mind this is for Joomla 1.5

// Get instance of the table object of your component $table =& JTable::getInstance( 'mytable'); // Set the item, this could be Article ID for example $table->load($id); // Load the parameters through JParameter $params = new JParameter($table->params); $params->set($key,$value); $table->params = $params->toString(); // Save to database $table->store();

All this could be done in a plugin if you don't want to alter the core of the component otherwise if it's a component the you are building you can set this in the Model of the component and call it from the controller on every save.


You could do it with a content Plugin which gets trigerred on view.

public function onContentPrepare(...) { ...store hit date into table... }

Good thing about that method is you don't need any core hacks.


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