Writing test cases using Jest and Enzyme


I am working on writing test cases for a project. I am writing the test for my Container. The container has a function which is as shown below:

getContactDetails = (reqObject) => { app.outageCenterService.getContact(reqObject).then( response => { app.logger.getLogger().info('Below is the response...'); app.logger.getLogger().info(this.state.contactDetails); this.setState({contactDetails: response.contactDetails},()=>{}); if (this.state.contactDetails.isContactPresent) { this.setState({ isVisible: true }); } else { this.setState({ isVisible: false }); } }, reject => { app.logger.getLogger().info(reject); } ); }

While running the test,in the function,the line app.outageCenterService.getContact(reqObject) throws an error saying TypeError: Cannot read property 'getContact' of undefined. I understand its because outageCenterService is globally defined and jest/enzyme is not able to find it. But I don't know how to solve this issue.

My test looks something like this:

describe('test the OutageAlert Component', () => { let outageAlert, errorHandlerFn; errorHandlerFn=jest.fn(); getContactFn=jest.fn(); outageAlert = shallow(<OutageAlertComponent errorHandler={errorHandlerFn} getContact={getContactFn} />); });

Can anyone please help me with this on how to write the test case for this scenario?


You could consider use the globals config

<a href="http://facebook.github.io/jest/docs/api.html#globals-object" rel="nofollow">http://facebook.github.io/jest/docs/api.html#globals-object</a> or create a file and

and create a mock in jest for you global, then you can access it from your test.

Alternatively you could have your container accepting an argument for your contact

getContactDetails = (reqObject, contact) => { ...}

so you can pass it in your test and wherever you container is being used.


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