How use data related to object which I'm not saving to database?


I need to use User data, which he is entering in form, but not save it.

I added attribute accessors into my User model:

attr_accessible :paypal_email, :first_name, :last_name attr_accessor :first_name attr_accessor :last_name

but how can I use it after user submits form? I need to verify account details, but didn't save them, so I need to use in controller

@user.first_name and @user.last_name

<b>My verification action:</b>

def verify @user = User.find(params[:user_id]) require 'httpclient' require 'xmlsimple' clnt = HTTPClient.new header = {"X-PAYPAL-SECURITY-USERID" => "№№№№№№№№", "X-PAYPAL-SECURITY-PASSWORD" => "333333333", "X-PAYPAL-SECURITY-SIGNATURE" => "3333333333", "X-PAYPAL-REQUEST-DATA-FORMAT" => "NV", "X-PAYPAL-RESPONSE-DATA-FORMAT" => "XML", "X-PAYPAL-APPLICATION-ID" => "APP-2J632856DC989803F" } data = {"emailAddress" => @user.paypal_email, "firstName"=> @user.first_name, "lastName" => @user.last_name, "matchCriteria" => "NAME", "requestEnvelope.errorLanguage" => "en_US"} uri = "https://svcs.paypal.com/AdaptiveAccounts/GetVerifiedStatus" res = clnt.post(uri, data, header) @xml = XmlSimple.xml_in(res.content) if res.status == 200 if @xml['accountStatus']!=nil account_status = @xml['accountStatus'][0] if account_status == "VERIFIED" redirect_to :back flash[:success] = "Your account is verified" else redirect_to :back flash[:error] = res.content end else redirect_to :back flash[:error] = res.content end else flash[:error] = "Oops! Can't conntect to PayPal" end end

and error:

Invalid request parameter: lastName</message><parameter>lastName

how I can do that ?


In your case, you should go for form_tag. form_tag is used to upload details that are not associated with any model object.


It is very simple if I understand your question correctly.

You want first_name and last_name data to be verified which is entered by Form (HTML) page.

Let us say, you have given names of respective input fields in html forms as form_first_name and form_last_name.

You can simply access them by using params[:form_first_name] and params[:form_last_name] respectively inside your controller.


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