Python: How do I reverse every character in a string list? [duplicate]


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For instance, myList = ['string1', 'string2', 'string3']... now I want my result to be this:

['1gnirts', '2gnirts', '3gnirts']

I've found few examples on how to reverse strings in general but not specific to this problem ... I'm bit confused on how to do a reverse of strings that are in a list.


reversed_strings = [x[::-1] for x in myList][::-1]


There are two things you need to use, the reverse function for lists, and the [::-1] to reverse strings. This can be done as a list comprehension as follows.

myList.reverse newList = [x[::-1] for x in myList]



oneShot = [x[::-1] for x in myList][::-1]


If you already know how to reverse a single word, for this problem you only have to do the same for each of the words of the list:

def reverseWord(word): # one way to implement the reverse word function return word[::-1] myList = ["string1", "string2", "string3"] # apply the reverseWord function on each word using a list comprehension reversedWords = [reverseWord(word) for word in myList]


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