using minidom to parse xml


Hi I have trouble understanding the minidom module for Python.

I have xml that looks like this:

<Show> <name>Dexter</name> <totalseasons>7</totalseasons> <Episodelist> <Season no="1"> <episode> <epnum>1</epnum> <seasonnum>01</seasonnum> <prodnum>101</prodnum> <airdate>2006-10-01</airdate> <link>http://www.tvrage.com/Dexter/episodes/408409</link> <title>Dexter</title> </episode> <episode> <epnum>2</epnum> <seasonnum>02</seasonnum> <prodnum>102</prodnum> <airdate>2006-10-08</airdate> <link>http://www.tvrage.com/Dexter/episodes/408410</link> <title>Crocodile</title> </episode> <episode> <epnum>3</epnum> <seasonnum>03</seasonnum> <prodnum>103</prodnum> <airdate>2006-10-15</airdate> <link>http://www.tvrage.com/Dexter/episodes/408411</link> <title>Popping Cherry</title> </episode>

More pretty: <a href="http://services.tvrage.com/feeds/episode_list.php?sid=7926" rel="nofollow">http://services.tvrage.com/feeds/episode_list.php?sid=7926</a>

And this is my python code trying to read from that:

xml = minidom.parse(urlopen("http://services.tvrage.com/feeds/episode_list.php?sid=7926")) for episode in xml.getElementsByTagName('episode'): for node in episode.attributes['title']: print node.data

I can't get the actual episode data out as I want to get all the data from each episode. I've tried different variants but I can't get it to work. Mostly I get a <DOM Element: asdasd> back. I only care about the data inside each episode.

Thanks for the help


Each episode element has child-elements, including a title element. Your code, however, is looking for <em>attributes</em> instead.

To get text out of a minidom element, you need a helper function:

def getText(nodelist): rc = [] for node in nodelist: if node.nodeType == node.TEXT_NODE: rc.append(node.data) return ''.join(rc)

And then you can more easily print all the titles:

for episode in xml.getElementsByTagName('episode'): for title in episode.getElementsByTagName('title'): print getText(title)


title is not an attribute, its a tag. An attribute is like src in <img src="foo.jpg" />

>>> parsed = parseString(s) >>> titles = [n.firstChild.data for n in parsed.getElementsByTagName('title')] >>> titles [u'Dexter', u'Crocodile', u'Popping Cherry']

You can extend the above to fetch other details. <a href="http://codespeak.net/lxml/" rel="nofollow">lxml</a> is better suited for this though. As you can see from the snippet above minidom is not that friendly.


Thanks to Martijn Pieters who tipped me with the ElementTree API I solved this problem.

xml = ET.parse(urlopen("http://services.tvrage.com/feeds/episode_list.php?sid=7296")) print 'xml fetched..' for episode in xml.iter('episode'): print episode.find('title').text



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