Create MasterCard tokenization API


I have a mobile app containing payment method via MasterCard. I have this tutorial:

<a href="https://ap-gateway.mastercard.com/api/documentation/apiDocumentation/rest-json/version/latest/api.html?locale=en_US" rel="nofollow">https://ap-gateway.mastercard.com/api/documentation/apiDocumentation/rest-json/version/latest/api.html?locale=en_US</a>

I want to create Tokenization which contains customer's master detail, I have followed this tutorial part:

<a href="https://ap-gateway.mastercard.com/api/documentation/apiDocumentation/rest-json/version/latest/operation/Tokenization%3A%20Create%20or%20Update%20Token%20(with%20system-generated%20token).html?locale=en_US" rel="nofollow">https://ap-gateway.mastercard.com/api/documentation/apiDocumentation/rest-json/version/latest/operation/Tokenization%3a Create or Update Token (with system-generated token).html?locale=en_US</a>

I tried with :

<strong>POST</strong> https://ap-gateway.mastercard.com/api/rest/version/41/merchant/{{MyMerchantID}}/token


{ "sourceOfFunds": { "type": "CARD", "provided": { "card":{ "number": "5123450000000008", "expiry": { "month": "05", "year": "17" } } }

Note: The number is a mastercard test number.

I am always get this error:

error cause "INVALID_REQUEST" explanation "Invalid credentials." result "ERROR"

I followed the params in second URL. Can anyone help? Are the params correct or I missed something?


In your configuration file, you need to set the following:

$configArray["merchantId"] = "[merchantId]";

// API username in the format below where Merchant ID is the same as above

$configArray["apiUsername"] = "merchant.[merchantId]";

// API password which can be configured in Merchant Administration

$configArray["password"] = "your api password";

Setting the above parameters in the config file will solve your problem


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