Use Yii findAll to return a model w/ all properties


I am still new to Yii and wondering how to return JSON from the $models = MyModel::model()->findAll();.

Say for example MyModel has a relation for MyChildModels in a ONE:MANY fashion.

Straight from the Rest example on the Yii site I have:

foreach ($models as $model) { $rows[] = $model->attributes; } $this->_sendResponse(200, CJSON::encode($rows), 'application/json');

I get all of the model's attributes but NOT the joined relation attributes.

Similarly, I can change the $rows line to be:

$rows[] = $model->myChildModels;

...and I get all of the myChildModels attributes for each model, but not any attributes (as I would expect).

But what I want is the full suite - the Model attributes PLUS all of the myChildModels and their attributes.

How do I accomplish this?


I do the same thing with Yii. Here is how I do it.

$models = MyModel::model()->findAll(); if ($models){ echo CJSON::encode($models); }

I don't normally sent a JSON header, but you can if you want.

header('Content-type: application/json');

for related models try this.

foreach ($models as $model) { $rows[] = $model->attributes; $rows[] = $model->related->attributes; }


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