Operation not permitted when trying to create a TFileStream Object on iOS8


I am converting a Delphi windows app to be multi platform, a crucial part of the application is to be able to export some data files from an SQLite database to the host machine.<br /> It works absolutely fine on windows and OSX, but when I deploy it to an iPad I get an error message stating :

Cannot create file "/var/mobile/Containers/Bundle/Application/9FFD6B02-1B3A-4F07-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/AAG_Multi.app/Text/Templates/full Transcript.dwt Operation not permitted

I tried TMemorystream as well, same result. The directory should exist as I called Tdirectory.Creatdirectory(fullPath) immediately prior to the TStreamCreate Line.


You are not allowed to write to the application bundle.

You need to write to a directory that is writeable. For instance, TPath.GetHomePath would return a directory to which you could write. Exactly what directory you should use, probably only you can decide.


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