passing a parameter with onclick function is read as a variable when it should be read as a string


Here is my issue:

I am creating dynamically a button with an onclick function like this:

$("#test).html('<input type="button" value="Close" onclick="remove('+param1+','+param2+');" />');

The parameters are well read but the function is not trigger, and I've got this error message: "bob is not defined" when bob is the string value of the param1.

Apparently it seems that bob is read as a variable when it should be read as a string, but I don't understand why.

Thanks much for your help!


That's because this string right here:


Will look like this in the end:

'onclick="remove(foo, bar);"'

You probably want it to look like this:

'onclick="remove(\'foo\', \'bar\');"'

So change it to this:

'onclick="remove(\''+param1+'\', \''+param2+'\');"'

You could also do this:

$("#test").html('<input type="button" value="Close" />').find('input[type=button]').click(function () { remove(param1, param2); });

Edit: I also noticed that you were missing one " from your $()-call: $("#test) should be $("#test").


I can suggest you this

<script type="text/javascript"> //<![CDATA[ var i = 0; $(function () { $("#lnkAdder").click(function () { // appending new item $("#Container").append( $("<a>").attr({ "href": "javascript:;" }).text("Click me").click(function () { var data = ++i; alert("I'm clicked, I'm number " + data); }) ); }); }); //]]> </script> <a href="javascript:;" id="lnkAdder">Add item</a> <div id="Container"></div>

The key here is the javascript closure. As you can see there a link called lnkAdder. It is responsible to add anew item into the container. On click it appends a new item into the container. While appending you use jQuery API and create a new element, add attributes and add event listener. In the event listener body you copy the value into an internal variable. They use it as appropriate.


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