Unexpected token (6:6)


I am trying to generate a business network archive but I am getting the following error while running composer archive create -t dir -n .

Creating Business Network Archive Looking for package.json of Business Network Definition SyntaxError: Failed to parse /Users/xxxx@xxxx.com/fabric-tools/tutorial-network/lib/logic.js: Unexpected token (6:6) Command failed

Unexpected token (6:6)? the content of the logic.js are below:

cat lib/logic.js /** * Track the trade of a commodity from one trader to another * @param {org.acme.mynetwork.Trade} trade - the trade to be processed * @transaction */ async function tradeCommodity(trade) { trade.commodity.owner = trade.newOwner; let assetRegistry = await getAssetRegistry('org.acme.mynetwork.Commodity'); await assetRegistry.update(trade.commodity); }


In composer v0.16.x, async and ES6 keywords are not supported. There is an issue with it. You can check <a href="https://github.com/hyperledger/composer/issues/3382" rel="nofollow">here</a>. If you want to use these keywords you need to upgrade composer to v0.17.4 or higher.


I was able to get answer for this on the Hyperledger community support and it is also exactly what @mohammadjh mentioned here. The version of composer that I initially had was outdated and getting the latest one resolved the issue. Here is how you get the latest version: npm install -g composer-cli


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