Accepting Twitter friendship request using accept.json


Has anyone successfully automated and accepted friendship request on their twitter account without the need to click the accept button manually?

I am trying to automatically accept friendship requests for my restricted twitter account. I realize that the Twitter API call to <em>/friendships/accept.json</em> is restricted and I keep getting a 401 unauthorized access error.

I have tried to obtain the post_authenticity_token value using various methods to then used it in the POST parameters sent to the accept.json request as mentioned in the following post: <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5271340/twitter-api-allow-accept-request-to-follow-authenticated-user" rel="nofollow">Twitter API: Allow accept request to follow authenticated user</a>

but it keeps failing every time. Any insight or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.


Don't use post_authenticity_token. You are essentially screen scraping which is fragile, against their TOS, and not working. Instead use the standard <a href="https://dev.twitter.com/pages/auth" rel="nofollow">OAuth authentication</a> method their API officially supports.


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