How to implement a button on a jQuery Sortable accordion header


I've been working on a jQuery custom sortable accordion for my website. The next stage to implement is a button on each header of the sortable accordion which will delete the section expandable list from the jQuery sortable accordion.

I have the code ready to use, however I cannot seem to overlay the button on the header without it being part of the header on click function to expand or drag function to sort, however I do want it to follow the the accordion upon being sorted.

function create_accordian(str) { $( str ) .accordion({ header: '> div > h3', autoHeight: false, active: false, collapsible: true, }) .sortable({ axis: 'y', handle: 'h3', stop: function( event, ui ) { // IE doesn't register the blur when sorting // so trigger focusout handlers to remove .ui-state-focus ui.item.children( 'h3' ).triggerHandler( 'focusout' ); } }); }

<a href="http://jsfiddle.net/JF7PD/4/" rel="nofollow">Fiddle</a>

I have tried modifying the CSS for the position tributes of the delete feature, the above jQuery code for where the header is defined, wrapping both in a div and defining the header separately. All my efforts have come to a dead end.

I need to be able to have a delete icon on each header which moves whilst being sorted and has a separate on click function so it does not expand or drag the accordion.

Best Regards, Tim


You need two sets of updates to achieve the desired goal. Note I added a class of .RemoveSection to your <span> with the 'X' icon to facilitate these examples.

First, create a .click() handler for the 'X' icon you have and in its first step, use .stopPropagation() (<a href="http://api.jquery.com/event.stoppropagation/" rel="nofollow">reference here</a>) to ensure its click event does not bubble up to the jQ UI sortable:

$('.RemoveSection').click(function(event){ event.stopPropagation(); });

Next, leverage the cancel option (<a href="http://api.jqueryui.com/sortable/#option-cancel" rel="nofollow">reference here</a>) for the jQ UI sortable widget to exclude your 'X' icon from being a handle for sorting:

.sortable({ axis: 'y', handle: 'h3', cancel: '.RemoveSection', // This excludes your 'X' icon stop: function( event, ui ) { // IE doesn't register the blur when sorting // so trigger focusout handlers to remove .ui-state-focus ui.item.children( 'h3' ).triggerHandler( 'focusout' ); } });

Updated jsFiddle, forked from yours: <a href="http://jsfiddle.net/2aLec/2/" rel="nofollow">http://jsfiddle.net/2aLec/2/</a>

While I did not actually add the script to delete the sortable section, give it a go & post back if you need help. Your general approach should be to simply traverse up the DOM from your 'X' icon to the parent header, then remove it & its sibling <div> (and maybe kick off a .refresh() of the sortable for good measure).


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