jquery remove strange characters from the array


I have an array and I am sending it to a web service,

the url is this


that url doesn't work and return 500 internal error

but when I remove the %5B%5D, the url becomes this:


and it works perfectly.

what are these strange characters and how to remove them please?

The array is the selectedCampains and I am sending it like this:

$.getJSON(webServiceUrl, { fromDate: valFrom, toDate: valTo, campaigns: selectedCampaigns })

I get that array in this way:

var selectedCampaigns = $("#campaignDiv input:checkbox:checked").map(function () { return $(this).val(); }).get(); console.log(selectedCampaigns);


OK, these are the square brackets and it has to parsed and removed from URL:

var sc = JSON.stringify(selectedCampaigns);

pass this sc where you're trying to pass selectedCampaigns as an array.


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