mod_rewrite http://localhost/home/ or http://localhost/home to home.php


I've got a really simple question. I want to redirect all requests to <a href="http://localhost/home/" rel="nofollow">http://localhost/home/</a> and <a href="http://localhost/home" rel="nofollow">http://localhost/home</a> to home.php

My .htaccess file contains:

RewriteRule ^home/$ home.php [L]

which only works for <a href="http://localhost/home/" rel="nofollow">http://localhost/home/</a>

How can I make it work without the /in the url too? Is it possible to do it in one line, as opposed to two separate lines such as:

RewriteRule ^home/$ home.php RewriteRule ^home$ home.php

Thanks :)


RewriteRule ^home/?$ home.php [L]


RewriteRule ^home/?$ home.php


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