"Müller"res0: String = M?llerThe same happens in my first scala trial program:import scala." name="description" /> "Müller"res0: String = M?llerThe same happens in my first scala trial program:import scala." />

scala default encoding in windows shell


Beginners question: I'm using scala 2.11.4 on a windows 8 machine in the standard command shell (codepage is 850). If I type "Müller" at the scala-prompt scala>"Müller" res0: String = M?ller

The same happens in my first scala trial program:

import scala.io.StdIn.readLine object Hello { def main(args: Array[String]) { val myname=readLine("What is your name?","ISO-8859-1") println("Hallo " + myname + "!") } }

Calling it via "scala Hello" yields: What is your name?Müller Hallo M?ller!

I guess println uses a different encoding as a default (The "ISO-8859-1"-part did not change anything, by the way)?


scala> System.getProperty("file.encoding") showed cp1252. So I generated a environment variable (thanx to Martin Sturm) JAVA_OPTS="-Dfile.encoding=CP850" and currently everything works as expected (München ist schön).


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