Can you use an angular event listener in a custom directive attribute?


In normal HTML we can directly add listeners to events on HTML elements e.g.

<button onclick="doMyMethod()">Click me</button>

I have a custom directive which emits an event, "dataLoaded". I'd like to declaratively add a handler to the element to deal with that event. However I'm not sure how to do this

I'm making up a methodology here but I'd like to do something like:

<my-element ng-on="'dataLoaded', doMyMethod" ></my-element> <h2>The (undesirable) alternative</h2>

The alternative is to use $scope.$on("dataLoaded", doMyMethod()) in the controller but I would prefer to declare this on the element itself.

Is this possible?


Instead of using an event here, you should pass your method into the directive like so:

angular.module('myApp').directive('myElement', function() { return { scope: { // way to bind method to your directive's scope dataLoaded: '&' }, link: function(scope, element) { ... // instead of triggering data loaded, call method bound to scope scope.dataLoaded(); ... } });

Your HTML:

<my-element data-loaded="doMyMethod"></my-element>


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