Change file names before uploading with SWFUpload


I am using SWFUpload to allow users to upload multiple files in any browser. A user can provide custom file names for the files being uploaded. How can I iterate through all the queued files and update the name of the file to the custom name before the file is uploaded.

If I can't change the file name, how do I add a post parameter to each file being uploaded to make the change on the server side? I know how to add parameters for all files but how would I do it for each file?


You can't update the actual name of the file that gets sent in the POST body of the file upload because internally, SWFUpload is using a FileReference which doesn't let you change any of the file's properties before uploading it (and there's no way to get proper upload progress without using a FileReference to do the uploading, so this isn't something that can really be changed).

However, you should be able to add an extra POST parameter per file via the <a href="http://demo.swfupload.org/Documentation/#addFileParam" rel="nofollow">addFileParam function</a>. Its signature is:

addFileParam(file_id:String, name:String, value:String):Boolean


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