php - Access outer class from an anonymous callback


I have a code like this:

class Server { private $stopper; public function setStopper() { $this->stopper = TRUE; } public function startServer() { $consumer = new Consumer(); $consumer->onConsume(function($data) { global $consumer; // some processing if( ?? ) { // how to access stopper here?? $consumer->stop(); // also how to access stopServer() here?? } }); $consumer->consume(); } public function stopServer() { ... } }

This code is in a file that should run forever unless the setStopper() is called. So far I have set_time_limit to stop the code after a while. But I need to implement setStopper way so I can stop the server whenever needed, not "after a while".

I need this because, the onConsume is connected to a streaming API and runs the anonymous call back whenever new data is available and I don't want kill the php app on timeout due to some lock issues. I want to gracefully stop the server.

Can anyone please tell how to access the stopper or stopServer inside the callback? Can I use following syntax?

...(function($data) use ($this) {...

I also thought of storing the class value inside callback, but the setStopper is called dynamically and the value might not be updated!

Is there a better way to handle this situation?

<strong>Follow Up:</strong> <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/29374529" rel="nofollow">php - Dynamically update Singleton class' value</a>


You can create a <a href="http://php.net/manual/en/functions.anonymous.php" rel="nofollow">Closure</a> around the $consumer object as well as the lexical object $this (if you're using PHP < 5.4, you need to rename $this to something else, because you cannot use($this)):

$self = $this; // You may not need to do this, I cannot remember off-hand whether // closures have access to private variables or not $stopper = $this->stopper; $consumer->onConsume(function($data) use($consumer, $self, $stopper) { if( $stopper ) { $consumer->stop(); $self->stopServer(); } });

See Example #3 on the linked to manual page.

I should also note here for completeness that if this is a long-lived process, then the objects being referenced inside the closure will hang around long after the function exits. For instance:

function makeAdder($x) { return function($n) use($x) { return $x + $n; }; } $adder = makeAdder(5); echo $adder(2); // Output 7 echo $adder(5); // Output 10 echo $adder(4); // Output 9

This is a classic example of a closure. Normally, once the makeAdder function returns its inner variable $x will fall out of scope and be ready for garbage collection. Since it is however bound inside the anonymous function's scope, it will hang around indefinitely (until the script's termination) <em>or</em> the reference to the containing scope is also released (i.e. via unset($adder)). This means that once your function is called, extra references to $consumer, $this and $stopper will hang around until the class instance itself is destroyed.

Not being aware of this can lead to some serious performance issues.


the same problem here i use output buffers from ob_start/ob_end_flush and one function i have should be dynamic (however parameters i push into should insert them in an array for later use for parsing buffers using <strong>$buffer</strong>) in the parser associated to ob_start at a time i have these lines of code from one array full of data :

if(!empty($this->__b2)) array_filter ($this->__b2,function($var)use(**&$buffer**){ $buffer = preg_replace("/<\/body>/i", $var.'</body>', $buffer); });

I use a only one class singleton ,and i use "::" a lot. How you see in my case <strong>array_filter was out of order without &$buffer</strong>


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