how to pass a php array to javascript array using jquery ajax?


I followed other reslted question but still unable to solve this problem. I want to store the values of an array from <strong><em>php</em></strong> into an array of <strong><em>js</em></strong>. I tried myself butr getting indefined value in all the cases i tried Plese anyone let me know where i am wrong my Php code

<?php $var=5; $myArray = array(); while($var<10){ $myArray[]=$var; $var++; } echo json_encode($myArray); ?>

and the js code

jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery("#previous").click(function(){ var res = new Array(); var i= 0; jQuery.getJSON("phparray.php", function(data) { while(i<5){ res[i]=data.i; i++; } }); }); jQuery("#result").html(res[0]); });

also treid this js

jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery("#previous").click(function(){ var res = new Array(); var i= 0; jQuery.getJSON("phparray.php", function(data) { jQuery(data).each(function(key, value) { res[i]=value; i++; }); }); jQuery("#result").html(res[0]); });


Try below code

<?php $var=5; $myArray = array(); while($var<10){ $myArray[]=$var; $var++; } $dataarray=array("myarray"=>$myArray); echo json_encode($dataarray); ?>


jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery("#previous").click(function(){ var res = new Array(); jQuery.getJSON("phparray.php", function(data) { var i= 0; while(i<data.myarray.length){ res[i]=data.myarray[i]; i++; } jQuery("#result").html(res[0]); }); }); });


The problem with your code is you are updating the result before the JSON has been loaded. There is also no reason to copy every item in the array in this case just set res = data (although the above example of sending back an associative array or JS object is good practice).


<?php for($var=5; $var<10; $var++){ $myArray[]=$var; } echo json_encode($myArray);


$(document).ready(function() { var res; $("#result").bind('update', function() { $("#result").html(res[0]); }); $("#previous").click(function(){ $.getJSON("phparray.php", function(data) { res = data; $("#result").trigger('update'); }); }); });


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