storing image in a existing table column and display it using laravel 4


I would like to store image in a existing table. How can i do that in laravel 4 .I also want to display that image in my website.How i tried it always shows Call to undefined method Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\File\UploadedFile::save() .

//my show blade @extends ('layouts.default') @section('content') @foreach($posts as $post) <div > <div class="media col-md-8"> <a href="#" class="pull-left paddingTop "> {{ HTML::image($post->image($destinationPath) }} </a> <div> <h3><a href="#"><strong>{{$post->ad_title}}</strong></a><strong class="pull-right">{{ $post->price}} Tk</strong></h3> </div> <div> <h5>{{ $post->description}}</h5> </div> </div> </div> @endforeach @stop

this is my table storing method

public function store() { $post=new Post; $post->user_id=Auth::id(); $post->category=Input::get('category'); $post->subcategory=Input::get('subcategory'); $post->add_type=Input::get('add_type'); $post->brand=Input::get('brand'); $post->screen_type=Input::get('screen_type'); $post->condition=Input::get('condition'); $post->ad_title=Input::get('ad_title'); $post->fuel=Input::get('fuel'); $post->transmission=Input::get('transmission'); $post->registration_year=Input::get('registration_year'); $post->engine_capacity=Input::get('engine_capacity'); $post->mileage=Input::get('mileage'); $post->description=Input::get('description'); $post->price=Input::get('price'); $post->mobile=Input::get('mobile'); $post->ad_title=Input::get('ad_title'); $post->image = Input::file('image'); //$post->image=Input::get('image'); $destinationPath = public_path() . '/images/'; $post->image->save($destinationPath); $post->area=Input::get('area'); $post->save(); return 'your ad has been published :)'; }

my image input form

<div>{{ Form::file('image', ['class' => 'form-group']) }}</div>


Edit store function like below

public function store() { $post=new Post; $post->user_id=Auth::id(); $post->category=Input::get('category'); $post->subcategory=Input::get('subcategory'); $post->add_type=Input::get('add_type'); $post->brand=Input::get('brand'); $post->screen_type=Input::get('screen_type'); $post->condition=Input::get('condition'); $post->ad_title=Input::get('ad_title'); $post->fuel=Input::get('fuel'); $post->transmission=Input::get('transmission'); $post->registration_year=Input::get('registration_year'); $post->engine_capacity=Input::get('engine_capacity'); $post->mileage=Input::get('mileage'); $post->description=Input::get('description'); $post->price=Input::get('price'); $post->mobile=Input::get('mobile'); $post->ad_title=Input::get('ad_title'); $name = Input::file('image')->getClientOriginalName(); Input::file('image')->move('public/images',$name); $destinationPath = '/images/'.$name; $post->image=$destinationPath; $post->area=Input::get('area'); $post->save(); return 'your ad has been published :)'; }

and edit blade template like below

@extends ('layouts.default') @section('content') @foreach($posts as $post) <div clss="row"> <div class="media col-lg-8"> <a href="#" class="pull-left paddingTop "> {{ HTML::image($post->image) }} </a> <div> <h3><a href="#"><strong>{{$post->ad_title}}</strong</a><strong class="pull-right">{{ $post->price}} Tk</strong></h3> </div> <div> <h5>{{ $post->description}}</h5> </div> </div> </div> @endforeach <div class="">{{$posts->links()}}</div> @stop


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