I want to concatenate arguments of xcodebuild as string, which have space in it ,then run this comma


I'm trying to build xcode project with shell, and now face a problem. the command <strong>xcodebuild</strong> has many args, and i may use some of them in some cases. I have a short example here, the <strong>destination</strong> arg has a space in it:

build_cmd='xcodebuild -project MyApp.xcodeproj' destination="platform=iOS,name=generic/iOS Device" if [ $# -ge 1 ];then build_cmd=${build_cmd}' -destination '${destination} fi #echo $build_cmd $build_cmd

but it failed to run, result with:

xcodebuild: error: Unknown build action 'Device'.

What's wrong here? Somebody help?

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I want to give another example <strong>if you never use xcodebuild</strong> command:

filename="a b c.txt" cmd='vi '${filename} $cmd # i wish to open "a b c.txt", but it opens 3 files, a, b, c.txt

how to run command with args which have space?


<a href="http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashFAQ/050" rel="nofollow">BASH FAQ entry #50: "I'm trying to put a command in a variable, but the complex cases always fail!"</a>

#!/bin/bash build_cmd=(xcodebuild -project MyApp.xcodeproj) destination="platform=iOS,name=generic/iOS Device" if [ $# -ge 1 ];then build_cmd+=(-destination "$destination") fi "${build_cmd[@]}"


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