order by one column, But put a specific content at the end


I have multiple columns. Two of them are:

Group (numeric, not unique) Name (string, not unique)

I would need to order by Group descending, BUT, if the value "Name" equals "Empty" i should be displayed at the end of the Group...

Group Name 1020 test1 1020 test2 1020 test3 1020 EMPTY <-- end of Group 1020 1020 EMPTY <-- end of Group 1020 3040 test6 3040 test7 3540 test8 3540 EMPTY <-- end of Group 3540 15060 test9 15060 EMPTY <-- end of Group 15060

How can this be done with a mysql query?


In MySQL, expressions like Name = 'EMPTY' have the value 1 if true and 0 if false.

So you can use

ORDER BY Group, Name = 'EMPTY', Name

to get all the not-EMPTY values first, then all the EMPTY ones.


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