Pass and Return value from Javascript to VBScript, Vice Versa in ASP


My code is below, I would like to make this work because my existing webpage that I am working at mostly uses VBScript. I am using ajax to query values to SQL. I would hate to change most of the code so I was just wondering if it would be possible to put back a return value from javascript to vbscript like my code below.

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="VBSCRIPT"> Sub check() Dim a Dim b a = 1 b = retValue a MsgBox b End Sub <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function retValue(a){ return a + 1; } </SCRIPT>


It is possible.

You have 2 issues in your script.

<ul><li>Your Script tag for vbscript does not have </script></li> <li>retValue is a function. you need to pass the arguments with in ( )</li> </ul>

I tried to call check & it shows the msgbox with the text 2

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="VBSCRIPT"> Sub check() Dim a Dim b a = 1 b = retValue(a) MsgBox b End Sub </script> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function retValue(a){ return a + 1; } </SCRIPT>


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