How may i prevent search engines from crawling a subdomain on my website?


I have cPanel installed on my website.


I went to the Domains section on cPanel

</li> <li>

I clicked on subdomains.

</li> <li>

I assigned the subdomain name (e.g : personal.mywebsite.com )

</li> <li>

It wanted me to assign document root folder also. I assigned mywebsite.com/personal

if i create robots.txt in my website root(e.g : website.com)


Disallow: /personal/

</li> </ol>

Can it also block personal.mywebsite.com?

what should i do?



When you want to block URLs on personal.example.com, visit http://personal.example.com/robots.txt (resp. https instead of http).

It doesn’t matter how your server organizes folders in the backend, it only matters which robots.txt is available when accessing this URL.


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