How to get thumbnails with box android-content-sdk (notV2)


There is a way to get the thumbnails with new box android-content-sdk? I don't see anything in the doc and methods: <a href="https://github.com/box/box-android-sdk" rel="nofollow">https://github.com/box/box-android-sdk</a>



There are two methods that return a request:

/** * Gets a request that downloads a thumbnail to a target file * * @param target target file to download thumbnail to * @param fileId id of file to download the thumbnail of * @return request to download a thumbnail to a target file * @throws IOException */ public BoxRequestsFile.DownloadThumbnail getDownloadThumbnailRequest(File target, String fileId) throws IOException{ if (!target.exists()){ throw new FileNotFoundException(); } BoxRequestsFile.DownloadThumbnail request = new BoxRequestsFile.DownloadThumbnail(target, getThumbnailFileDownloadUrl(fileId),mSession); return request; } /** * Gets a request that downloads the given file thumbnail to the provided outputStream. Developer is responsible for closing the outputStream provided. * * @param outputStream outputStream to write file contents to. * @param fileId the file id to download. * @return request to download a file thumbnail */ public BoxRequestsFile.DownloadThumbnail getDownloadThumbnailRequest(OutputStream outputStream, String fileId) { BoxRequestsFile.DownloadThumbnail request = new BoxRequestsFile.DownloadThumbnail(outputStream, getThumbnailFileDownloadUrl(fileId),mSession); return request; }


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