Associate Array splice does not work


I am trying to understand why in nodejs array splice does not work on an associate array.

var a = []; a['x1'] = 234234; a['x2'] = 565464; console.log("Init-------"); showIt(); a.splice(0, 1); console.log("After splice-------"); showIt(); delete a['x1']; console.log("After delete-------"); showIt(); function showIt(){ var keys = Object.keys(a); var len = keys.length; var i=0; while (i < len) { console.log( ' ' + i + ' ------------ ' + keys[i] ); i++; } }


Init------- 0 ------------ x1 1 ------------ x2 After splice------- 0 ------------ x1 1 ------------ x2 After delete------- 0 ------------ x2

Splicing the array does nothing...

Same results in a browser...


Splice works as expected when the array is defined as:

var a = ['x1','x2','x3']; console.log("Init-------"); console.log(a); a.splice('x1', 1); console.log("After splice-------"); console.log(a);

Looks like in the first example, the array is being treated as if is was defined as a object {} in the 2nd, it's being treated more like an array.

To the Moderators:

This is not really a question about spare arrays, it is more of a question of an array which is starting at 0 and growing sequentially to 10 million over a period of days. As it is growing the array is being deleted from so that around 1000 items are in the array at one time.

I am considering forcing the use of hash tables by using non-numeric keys or defining as a object {} so that the it acts like a sparse array.

In the end, I am not sure if it matters...


In JavaScript there is no such thing as an associative array -- there are arrays (like normal arrays in other languages) and objects (like assoc. arrays in other languages). In your example a is a normal array but you set non-numerical keys on it, so the normal array methods (like splice) do not see it. They only look in the range 0...a.length.

Making a an object won't help; it is not possible to splice an object. Try using only numerical keys ([1] instead of ['x1']).


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