Matrix multiplication function C++


I seem to have an issue with my matrix multiplication function.

When I run the program I just get an n x n matrix with all of the values the same, as some wired double value, e.g 21312e-2 Here is my function code:

void Multiply(int i, int j, double mat1[10][10], double mat2[10][10]) { double mat3[10][10]; for (int r = 0; r < i; r++) { for (int c = 0; c < j; c++) { for (int in = 0; in < i; in++) { mat3[r][c] += mat1[r][in] * mat2[in][c]; } cout << mat3[r][c] << " "; } cout << "\n"; }


mat1 and mat 2 are read into the program in the main thread using the function read:

void read_matrix(int m, int n, double mat[10][10]) { int i, j; for (i = 0; i<m; ++i) for (j = 0; j<n; ++j) cin >> mat[i][j]; }

Edit:Main Code

int main() { int i1, i2, j1, j2; double mat1[10][10], mat2[10][10], mat3[10][10]; scanf_s("%d %d\n", &i1, &j1, mat1); read_matrix(i1, j1, mat1); scanf_s("%d %d\n", &i2, &j2, mat2); read_matrix(i2, j2, mat2); printf("%d x %d matrix\n", i1, j1); print_matrix(i1, j1, mat1); printf("\n%d x %d matrix\n", i2, j2); print_matrix(i2, j2, mat2); Multiply(i1, j2, mat1, mat2); system("pause"); return 0; }


You need to fill mat3 with a zero value before adding to it.

Simplest way is to use:

double mat3[10][10] = {};


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