Unable to use Less.Parse using dotless in c#


I am following the link <a href="https://github.com/dotless/dotless/wiki/Using-.less" rel="nofollow">https://github.com/dotless/dotless/wiki/Using-.less</a> to minify the css. I have include the dll and made Web.config changes.

However when the refer it in index.cshtml as Less.Parse , the Less namespace is not available and and getting the exception "The name Less does not exists in the current context"..

can somebody advise what am I missing?


I have solved it.. just missing parent name space and conversion works like a charm



If you are using Visual Studio, Web Essentials has support for less.

<a href="http://vswebessentials.com/features/less" rel="nofollow">http://vswebessentials.com/features/less</a>

I often use it for :

<ul><li>.less to .css preview</li> <li>View output from a .less compile</li> <li>Extract variables/mixins</li> </ul>

After build if you go to Output and select Web Essentials from the 'Show output from:' dropdown, you will see a date, time and the list of .less files that have compiled.


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