How to prevent jquery hover event from firing when not complete?


Here is where I am having difficulty:

$('div.sidebar_content_con').hover(function () { $(this).children('.sidebar_details_container').slideDown(500, function() { $(this).children('.sidebar_details, .sidebar_click').fadeIn(500); }); },function(){ $(this).children('.sidebar_details_container').slideUp(500) $('.sidebar_details, .sidebar_click').fadeOut(500); });

The problem is that multiple hover events can fire while the slideDown and fadeIn animations are occurring. Ideally, only 1 hover event should be firing and if the user is no longer hovering over the div.sidebar_content_con it should stop the animation right there.


Add in some stop()s

$('div.sidebar_content_con').hover(function () { $(this).children('.sidebar_details_container').stop(true, true).slideDown(500, function() { $(this).children('.sidebar_details, .sidebar_click').stop(true, true).fadeIn(500); }); },function(){ $(this).children('.sidebar_details_container').stop(true, true).slideUp(500) $('.sidebar_details, .sidebar_click').stop(true, true).fadeOut(500); });


You could use stopImmediatePropagation() on the event to avoid it bubbling aup and firing other events

$('div.sidebar_content_con').hover(function (event) { event.stopImmediatePropagation(); $('div.sidebar_content_con').hover(function () { $(this).children('.sidebar_details_container').stop(true, true).slideDown(500, function()


Try adding .stop() to the chain of functions (http://api.jquery.com/stop/):

$('div.sidebar_content_con').hover(function () { $(this).children('.sidebar_details_container').stop().slideDown(500, function() { $(this).children('.sidebar_details, .sidebar_click').stop().fadeIn(500); }); },function(){ $(this).children('.sidebar_details_container').stop().slideUp(500) $('.sidebar_details, .sidebar_click').stop().fadeOut(500); });


You need to stop the propagation of the event with the stop() method.

$('div.sidebar_content_con').hover(function () { $(this).children('.sidebar_details_container').stop('true, true).slideDown(500, function() { $(this).children('.sidebar_details, .sidebar_click').stop('true, true).fadeIn(500); }); },function(){ $(this).children('.sidebar_details_container').stop('true, true).slideUp(500) $('.sidebar_details, .sidebar_click').stop('true, true).fadeOut(500); });


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