Jquery, adding new function to the second click


I am trying to add new effect after the first click. When submit is clicked for the first time it is working fine. How to make it function after the first click?

if($('input#submit:not(.clicked)')){ $(this).addClass("clicked"); $('.error').hide().fadeIn(700); } else { $('.error').fadeOut(10000).fadeIn(700); }


$('input#sumbit').click(function(){ if( $(this).hasClass("clicked")) { $('.error').fadeOut(10000).fadeIn(700); // non-first click effect } else { $(this).addClass("clicked"); $('.error').hide().fadeIn(700); //first click effect } });


$('input#submit').bind('click',function(){ //your function here ... //and your new click function is here $('input#submit').unbind('click').bind('click',function(){ ... }) })


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