Android ways to speed up few readings from files


In my application I need to load some files, when the app starts. I have 6 different files, which content int arrays and I need to read them as fast as possible. 3 of them content 80K ints, other 200K ints

Here is method that I'm using to read int array from file

public static int[] loadByMappedBuffer(Context context, String filename) throws IOException{ FileInputStream fis = context.openFileInput(filename); FileChannel ch = fis.getChannel(); MappedByteBuffer mbuff = ch.map(MapMode.READ_ONLY, 0, ch.size()); IntBuffer ibuff = mbuff.asIntBuffer(); int[] array = new int[ibuff.limit()]; ibuff.get(array); fis.close(); ch.close(); return array; }

As you see I'm using nio to read arrays. Here is result of testing, when I'm reding single file, which content 80K ints

<ul><li>Sony Ericsson Experia with best time of 104 ms and worst of 270 ms</li> <li>Nexus 7 with best time of 20.14 ms and wors of 48.36</li> <li>Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) with best time of 1.16 ms and worst of 5.82 </li> </ul>

So for single reading it works fine, but when I'm reading all 6 files (which I mentioned above) the results will be following

<ul><li>Sony Ericsson Experia with best time of 1396 ms and worst of 3324 ms</li> <li>Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) with best time of 58 ms and worst of 115 ms</li> </ul>

First of all I don't understand why cache don't kicks in after first reading, like on PC.

At this time I have 2 ideas

<ol><li>find a better way to read files (but nio is the fastest way to read primitives from files, as far as I know)</li> <li>use MT programming and put file readings to threads, which will speed up this, but only for devices, which has CPU with more than one core, I'm right?</li> </ol>

I had heared that Async Task is something like threads, can it bee helpful for my purpose?

Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks in advance


threads are not only for parallel computing, they're used for better UX, so the user can still interact with the app while it's doing stuff in the background. AsyncTask is very nice, although if you're short on time a simple thread written correctly should be faster.

now, if the app loads files, you can do it in parts (like 10% of every file), show those parts, and continue to load the rest in the background.

i think trying to read faster is the wrong direction here, because that's very hardware dependent. some devices would be slow no matter how hard you try.. think about a UX that's OK for all cases.

hope that helps


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