shared_ptr template argument invalid


I am trying to have a static method return a shared_ptr.

It is not compiling and is giving template argument 1 is invalid.

I can not figure out why this is.

Also, stack overflow says my post is mostly code and that I should add more detail. I don't know why this is, as being concise never hurt anyone. My problem is clear cut and and can be detailed easily.

Compiler error

src/WavFile.cpp:7:24: error: template argument 1 is invalid std::shared_ptr<WavFile> WavFile::LoadWavFromFile(std::string filename)


#include "WavFile.h" #include "LogStream.h" #include "assert.h" using namespace WavFile; std::shared_ptr<WavFile> WavFile::LoadWavFromFile(std::string filename) { ifstream infile; infile.open( filname, ios::binary | ios::in ); }


#pragma once #ifndef __WAVFILE_H_ #define __WAVFILE_H_ #include <fstream> #include <vector> #include <memory> namespace WavFile { class WavFile; } class WavFile::WavFile { public: typedef std::vector<unsigned char> PCMData8_t; typedef std::vector<unsigned short int> PCMData16_t; struct WavFileHeader { unsigned int num_channels; unsigned int sample_rate; unsigned int bits_per_sample; }; static std::shared_ptr<WavFile> LoadWavFromFile(std::string filename); private: WavFile(void); private: WavFileHeader m_header; PCMData16_t m_data16; PCMData8_t m_data8; }; #endif


Change the namespace name to something else. Now it clashes with the class' name, since you are using namespace WavFile;. Simple example that illustrates the error:

#include <iostream> #include <memory> namespace X // changing this to Y makes the code compilable { class X{}; } using namespace X; // now both class X and namespace X are visible std::shared_ptr<X> v() // the compiler is confused here, which X are you referring to? { return {}; } int main() {}

If you insist to have the namespace named as the class, then get rid of the using namespace X; and qualify the type, std::shared_ptr<WafFile::WavFile>.


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