MvvmCross remove back stack windows app


How can I clear the back stack in windows apps (not windows phone)?<br /> I am using MvvmCross v3. Where is the most correct place to put it?

I have read this post <a href="http://edsnider.net/2014/04/07/clearing-windows-phone-nav-back-stack-in-mvvmcross/" rel="nofollow">http://edsnider.net/2014/04/07/clearing-windows-phone-nav-back-stack-in-mvvmcross/</a> where he is using <strong><em>CustomWP8ViewPresenter</em></strong>

public override void ChangePresentation(MvxPresentationHint hint) { if (hint is ClearNavBackStackHint) { while (RootFrame.BackStack.Any()) { RootFrame.RemoveBackEntry(); } } base.ChangePresentation(hint); }

My problem is that in windows app I do not have <em>RootFrame.RemoveBackEntry()</em> as an option.

Any ideas?


Your IMvxWindowsFrame mentioned in comments is just simple wrapper around Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.Frame instance. You can get this wrapped instance by calling:

_rootFrame = (Frame) rootFrame.UnderlyingControl;

Then you can delete your backstack like this:

if (hint is ClearNavBackStackHint) { if (_rootFrame.BackStackDepth > 0) { _rootFrame.BackStack.RemoveAt(_rootFrame.BackStack.Count - 1); } }


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