How to reset visual studio settings to my saved settings with just a single shortcut?


I was wondering how is it possible to assign keyboard shortcut that will reset my opened VS window to my saved settings (full setting import)?

I am not talking about Tools > Import and Export Setting (I want to have a single Reset shortcut) also I am not talking just about ResetWindowLayout option (this one only resets windows layout, not all settings).

Manually all settings can be restored from saved file by going to

<ol><li>Tools > Import and Export Setting </li> <li>Import Selected Environment Settings > select "Just Import new settings, overwriting my current settings" radio button </li> <li>Choose a collection of Setting to Import > select a saved file </li> <li>Choose Setting to import > Check "All Setting" checkbox </li> <li>Click Finish</li> </ol>

Too many steps, I just want to import my setting with one click, similar to ResetWindowLayout to which I can assign a keyboard shortcut.

Any ideas ?


<h2>New Answer</h2>

Install the macro extension from Microsoft. <a href="https://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/d3fbf133-e51b-41a2-b86f-9560a96ff62b/view/Reviews" rel="nofollow">https://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/d3fbf133-e51b-41a2-b86f-9560a96ff62b/view/Reviews</a>

Create two macro files. Adjust your paths. (I think you need to keep the commented reference path.<br /><strong>SaveSettings:</strong>

dte.ExecuteCommand("Tools.ImportandExportSettings", "-export:C:\\Docs\\VS2013\\Settings\\BACKUP.vssettings");


dte.ExecuteCommand('Tools.ImportandExportSettings', '-import:C:\\Docs\\VS2013\\Settings\\BACKUP.vssettings'); <h2>Old Answer - Still can work for you. I unsure the project is not supported anymore.</h2>

Your are in luck. We both had this same question today and I was considering making something myself before stumbling on this.

<a href="https://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/fa71b090-7a6d-49a3-98aa-54d5e3feaa6b" rel="nofollow">VS Settings Switcher</a>

This supports saving and loading settings as profile names.

Even better, you can set a solution to default to a particular settings profile. Useful if your project is a web project to appear as a certain layout. Or a class library project with unit testing layouts. Or even for switching between multi and single monitor.

One of the tests I performed with this tool was to not only close and move around my tool windows, but I deleted icons from my toolbars. I then restored all my changes by applying the saved profile.


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