Text box not shown in GUI


If you see these lines of code:

L1 = Label(root, text="Time Input") L1.pack( side = LEFT) E1 = Entry(root,bd = 5) E1.pack

I have written a few line of codes for a text input but nothing was shown. I tried many ways but couldn't get it.

Here is my full code:

label = Label(root) label.pack(side = RIGHT) from Tkinter import * from tkFileDialog import askopenfilename root = Tk() root.geometry("400x400") f = Frame(root) #f.pack_propagate(0) # don't shrink f.pack() bottomframe = Frame(root) bottomframe.pack( side = BOTTOM ) scrollbar = Scrollbar(root) scrollbar.pack( side = RIGHT, fill=Y ) def callback(): r = open(askopenfilename(),'r') def sel(): selection = "You have selected " + str(v.get()) label.config(text= selection) a = Button( f,text='Choose File(Audio or Video)', fg="Blue",command=callback) ##b = Button(text='click me', command=callback) a.pack(padx=10, pady=10, side=LEFT) ##b.pack() ##redbutton = Button(f, text="Red", fg="red") ##redbutton.pack( side = LEFT) ## ##greenbutton = Button(f, text="Brown", fg="brown") ##greenbutton.pack( side = LEFT ) ## ##bluebutton = Button(f, text="Blue", fg="blue") ##bluebutton.pack( side = LEFT ) ## ##blackbutton = Button(bottomframe, text="Black", fg="black") ##blackbutton.pack( side = BOTTOM) v = StringVar() R1 = Radiobutton(root, text="G", variable=v, value="G", command=sel) R1.pack( anchor = W ) R2 = Radiobutton(root, text="PG", variable=v, value="PG", command=sel) R2.pack( anchor = W ) R3 = Radiobutton(root, text="NC16", variable=v, value="NC16", command=sel) R3.pack( anchor = W ) R4 = Radiobutton(root, text="M18", variable=v, value="M18", command=sel) R4.pack( anchor = W ) R5 = Radiobutton(root, text="R21", variable=v, value="R21", command=sel) R5.pack( anchor = W ) L1 = Label(root, text="Time Input") L1.pack( side = LEFT) E1 = Entry(root,bd = 5) E1.pack label = Label(root) label.pack(side = RIGHT) R1.select() root.mainloop()


You forgot to call the pack method of E1 by placing () after it:


Without this change, the entrybox will never be placed on the window.


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