jQuery UI make the effect less abrupt and jerky


I have a little toggle sidebar that I am using jQuery UI. The problem is it is very jerky behavior. Anyway to may it look like a smooth scroll left/right?

I am trying to get the outer shell to slide smoothly like the inner container slides. Currently it is snapping once the inner div is finished easing.

$(".snapper").click(function() { $(".sidebar-wrapper").toggle("slide", { direction: "right" }, 1000); $("#sidebar").css("width" , "auto"); });

Online Example. <a href="http://frontendtrends.com/sidebar/" rel="nofollow">http://frontendtrends.com/sidebar/</a>


The problem is with auto. change it to some fix value and you are done.

$("#sidebar").css("width" , "200px");

Check this <a href="http://jsbin.com/otusol/4/" rel="nofollow">Demo</a>


.o{ display:block; float:right; width:30px; border-radius:10px; height:300px; overflow:hidden; background-color:black; } .out{ display:block; float:right; width:40%; border-radius:10px; height:300px; background-color:black; } .i{ display:none; width:200px; border-radius:10px; height:200px; overflow:hidden; background-color:grey; margin:10px 50px 10px 10px; } .i2{ display:block; width:100px; border-radius:10px; height:100px; background-color:orange; margin:10px 50px 10px 10px; }


$(document).ready(function(){ $('.o').click(function(){ $(this).toggleClass('out',1000); if ($('.i').css('display')=='block'){ $('.i').fadeOut('slow'); } else{ $('.i').fadeIn(1000); } }); });


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