Zendframework CSS Problem


I am very to new to zend frame work , I am trying to set up a project (Done by other programmer) in my local server, i have setted up this project, but all pages are styless in my browser, ie the CSS files are not taken in phtml pages, For solving this issue which file I have ti Edit?

Plss Help me


It depends upon the directory structure that your app has adapted. However checkout if you have views/scripts directory then, again depending upon the directory style used, the header.phtml file (if exist) will have invalid link to css.

If you dont have header.phtml, then use any text-editor and search in your views directory with keyword 'css', and you will get to know the possible file name.


Global css files I would add in the bootstrap file and any styles that relate to a page I would add in the relevant controller action for example...

<strong>global styles in bootstrap file</strong>

protected function _initView() { $this->view = new Zend_View(); $this->view->headLink()->appendStylesheet('css/global.css'); }

<strong>or in a specific controller action</strong>

public function myPageAction() { $view = $this->view; $view->headLink()->appendStylesheet('css/myPageStyles.css'); }


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