How to install pdflib on WAMP Server


I want to install pdflib on my wampserver2.

I have <a href="http://www.pdflib.com/download/" rel="nofollow">downloaded pdflib</a> and I've set the following line:


in my php.ini file, but I'm still getting a Call to undefined function pdf_new() error.


You must copy the libpdf_php.dll to the extension directory of your php installation (check for extension_dir in your phpinfo() output).

Also take care to use the version of PDFlib that matches your php version and compiler (multiple versions are included in the download you mentioned).

Then add extension=libpdf_php.dll to the php.ini (you can also find it's location listed in the phpinfo() output, just look for php.ini).

Restart your webserver and check if you have a "PDF" entry in your phpinfo() and if so, congratulations!

If you want more detailed information about PDFlib and it's use in php , be sure to check out the <a href="http://www.pdflib.com/developer/technical-documentation/pdflib-in-php-howto/" rel="nofollow">online php howto</a>(a pdf link, of course) and also consult the documentation included in your download package.


Here are what you should do in order to install <strong>phppdf</strong> library:

<strong>1 . download</strong>: download the package which matches your php version from <a href="http://pecl.php.net/package/pdflib" rel="nofollow">here</a> (check the php version using phpinfo() command).

The package shall contain the following files,

php_pdflib.dll //php extension php_pdflib.pdb //don't know what it does! pdflib.dll //actual pdf library

<strong>2 . copy</strong>: copy <strong>php_pdflib.dll</strong> into the extensions directory (again find the extension directory using phpinfo() command <strong>"extension_dir"</strong>). also copy <strong>php_pdflib.pdb</strong> and <strong>pdflib.dll</strong> into the main php directory (<strong>right next to the php.exe</strong>)

<strong>3 . config</strong>: add the extension to php.ini. just remember wamp uses another version of php.ini at <strong>apache/bin/php.ini</strong>, So make sure you're making changes on the right file. (again find the php.ini's path using phpinfo() command, <strong>Loaded Configuration File</strong>). Add the following line:



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