Accessing nested associative array using array_keys (PHP)


I'm trying to access a nested associative array:

$data = array('1'=>'value1','2'=>'value2','3'=>array('one','two'))

The value of the key '3' is an array.

Since I need to cycle my values, I extracted the keys of given array:

$keys = array_keys($data);

and used to get the associated value with:

foreach(range(1, 10) as $val): echo "key: ".$keys[$val]; echo "value: ".$data[$keys[$val]]; endforeach;

Now I would like to access the values related to '3'. Using $data[$keys[$val]] won't work cause I get back an array, not a value.

My question is: how can I access, for example to the value 'one' using a syntax close to $data[$keys[$val]] ?


You should add a condition to check if the value is a string or an array. If it's a string - simply echo it, otherwise - access the first value in that array (key = 0, will print 'one') or use another foreach loop to access all of those array's values.

foreach(range(1, 10) as $val): echo "key: ".$keys[$val]; echo "value: "; if(is_array($data[$keys[$val]])){ //Is it an array? //echo 'one' echo $data[$keys[$val]][0]; //or all the values with a loop foreach($data[$keys[$val]] as $val2){ echo $val2; echo ","; } } else { //it's not an array, we can simply echo it. echo $data[$keys[$val]]; } endforeach;


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