Javascript - [Why?] Assigning a variable to an object [duplicate]


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Why is it that when I assign a variable to an object and make a change to that variable it also changed the objects? For example:

c = 26; a = b = c; a += 1; a // 27 b // 26 c // 26


z = {}; x = y = z; x.ab = 5; x // Object {ab: 5} y // Object {ab: 5} z // Object {ab: 5}

Why (in the example above) does y.ab and z.ab exist? I only modified x not y or z. Howcome in the first example (with the integers), when I changed the value of a, b and c weren't affected?


When you assign an object to a variable, it just makes a reference to the original object, it doesn't make a copy. So all the variables refer to the same object.


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