How to set mulitple records in constructor


I'm not using this in a real app but I was just curious on how to do this (C#).

I set one record of sample data in the constructor :

public class MikesClass { public MikesClass() { Id = 01; Name = "Mike"; } public int Id { get; set; } public string Name { get; set; } }

but I'm confused on how to set another record in it :

public MikesClass() { Id = 01; Name = "Mike"; Id = 02; Name = "Tom"; ??? }

If possible to do this, what is the syntax? thanks


You completely misunderstood what a constructor is. A constructor is for one single object. It creates one single object. Thus you cannot set another record with it. That record will be a different object. You just set the values as arguments to constructor when you create another record.

So, should at least be like this -

public class MikesClass { public MikesClass(int id, string name) { Id = id; Name = name; } public int Id { get; set; } public string Name { get; set; } }

and in some distance place when creating multiple records/objects -

var m1 = new MikesClass(0,"name1"); var m2 = new MikesClass(1, "name2");


Using the code you specified above, each time you write:

MikesClass mc = new MikesClass();

you will get an object of type MikesClass with the Id property set to 1 and the Name property set to "Mike". Since each instance of MikesClass represents a single object, you cannot have multiple objects represented within it.

What you can do though, is modify your constructor to take the two values as parameters. Like this:

public MikesClass(int id, string name) { Id = id; Name = name; }

You can then use this code to create multiple MikesClass objects like so:

MikesClass mike = new MikesClass(1, "Mike"); MikesClass tom = new MikesClass(2, "Tom");

Hope this makes sense.


What you're showing is a constructor. It is run when you create an instance of the MikeClass class. What you want is to create several instances. Maybe in an array?

MikeClass[] array = new MikeClass[2]; MikeClass mc = new MikeClass(); /first instance mc.Id = 1; mc.Name = "Mike"; array[0] = mc; mc = new MikeClass(); //another instance mc.Id = 2; mc.Name = "Tom"; array[1] = mc; };

This is using object initializer syntax:

MikeClass[] array = new MikeClass[] { new MikeClass { Id = 1, Name = "Mike" }, //first instance new MikeClass { Id = 2, Name = "Tom" } //another instance };

You can also create a constructor for the MikeClass class that takes parameters:

public MikeClass(int id, string name) { Id = id; Name = name; }


MikeClass[] array = new MikeClass[] { new MikeClass(1, "Mike"), new MikeClass(2, "Tom") };


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